Tuesday, February 5, 2008

SuperDuper! finally adds Leopard support!

I think that SuperDuper! is the last application that is now Leopard compatible.

Version 2.5(84), February 5, 2008

Enhancements & Bug Fixes

• Complete OS X 10.5 (Leopard) compatibility including bootable Leopard backups

• You can now store a bootable backup side-by-side with a Time Machine backup on a single volume

• The ability to copy Time Machine backup volumes to other drives when you need more space (or want to back up your archived data)

• A "Run Now" button runs Scheduled Copies on demand

• Automatic preservation of any custom icon on the destination volume

• Improved post-registration text to inform users how to use Smart Update

• Exposé, Time Machine, Spaces and Front Row are now copied on Leopard Sandboxes

• Updated Backup copy scripts to ignore Google Desktop Index Files and iTunes temporary files

• More robust handling of delayed re-mounts after a volume has been erased

• Added a new copy script "Restore - all files" that will restore everything except a Time Machine archive if it exists on the source.

• The WGTH text now describes the effect of the selected options upon Time Machine backups

• SuperDuper! will repair volinfo databases that contain blanks lines erroneously inserted by the Apple Setup Assistant

• Improved Growl error reporting for scheduled copies

• Significant improvements to ACL and permissions cloning

• Improved handling of Spotlight indexing on the target volume

• Custom volume icons and file system events are preserved on the target volume

• Resolved a bug that caused a crash during auto upgrade on some Intel Macs

• The dock icon will bounce if the copy fails

• Improved the etched text rendering under Leopard

• Smart Update will copy files with name case changes

• Locked symlinks are properly copied during Smart Update

• Immutable symlinks are properly copied during Smart Update

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