Saturday, April 26, 2008

Use a Dashboard Widget outside Dashboard

Although it seems strange, it is true: you can use a Dashboard Widget outside the Dashboard environment! The way to accomplish it includes the following steps:

- First you open Dashboard.
- After opening Dashboard, you should press the little circle with the cross on the bottom left corner of Dashboard.
- Then you select the Widget you want to bring outside Dashboard and click on it.
- You start dragging the Widget.
- You should now keep your mouse button pressed and close Dashboard (by pressing the F12 key for example).
- You now release the pressed mouse button.
- Your Widget is still there but Dashboard is gone! You are in Finder now.
Note: Before doing the above steps, you should give the following command at your terminal:
defaults write devmode YES
This command activates the Dashboard Development mode and keeps it active until you type the same command, having a NO instead of YES at the end. You should now login/logout or restart your Mac for the setting to take effect.

If you want to insert a Widget that is located outside Dashboard, inside Dashboard you should follow the reverse procedure!

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