Friday, November 7, 2008

Software that I want to learn

There are some software packages that I always wanted to learn. My list includes the following:

  • Adobe Flash CS4 Professional: I always liked Flash and admired its capabilities. Someday I want to become a master of Adobe Flash.
  • The R statistics package: I really like the R statistics package. I know some basic things about it but I would really like to become an advanced R user!
What software packages do you want to learn?


Panagiotis Atmatzidis said...

I'd like to be able to write code in ruby and Objective-C (cocoa bindings). But I have little or no time at all to do that. Some things must be done before you became active part of the social workforce... When you're at school or Uni.

WidgetBook said...

There is a new book about Ruby and Cocoa:
You are right: some things must be done at school or University -- but it is never too late!