Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Apple Portables: Resetting the SMC

The battery of my MacBook Pro behaves a little strangely lately (according to iStat Pro -- look at the Health percentage).

After reading some posts (this and that) I found out that resetting the SMC may help.
I then followed the instructions found at Apple's site.

How is the battery of your MacBook Pro?


WidgetBook said...

After "resetting the SMC", the problem still remains.
Did I do anything wrong?
How can I tell if I indeed "reset the SMS"?

WidgetBook said...

The battery health went from 92% to 94%.
Is it the SMC reset? I do not know but hopefully it will go to 100%...

WidgetBook said...

It is 96% now!
Hopefully, it will reach 100% health someday!

WidgetBook said...

It is 98% now.
It looks like things are getting better.