Monday, March 2, 2009 is Hacked!

I usually visit the site of the Φωτογράφος magazine very often. Today, I decided to visit it again and I saw the strange messages of the above picture!

I first though that Google is mistaken and I ignored the warning messages twice. Well the site has been hacked and Google Safe Browsing diagnostic was right!

The sad thing is that although (Greek) photographers state that "photographers (and not amateurs) should take serious or important (i.e. Wedding, events, etc.) photographs (it is their job after all – they say)", they try to do Web mastering, Web authoring, etc. themselves!!! (in order to save some money), and they do not let Web professionals, System Administrators, etc. do theirs jobs. This post of mine (in Greek) talks about this problem.

They can now see the results.

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