Thursday, December 6, 2007

The Two Kinds of Photographers

I just found a gem in Ken Rockwell's photography site. The article is called "The Two Kinds of Photographers" and can be found here.

His point is that "There are two kinds of photographers: those who make pictures, and those who talk about it".
A small part of his article says the following:

"I had an epiphany in 1989. When I searched through over 15 years of my archives dating from 1973 looking for some of the great shots I knew I must have made, I found nothing! The good shots only existed in my imagination! I realized that all I ever did was tell myself that I was a great photographer just because I knew every nuance of technique and camera and lens design. I had nothing to show for it. From that point on I decided to stop worrying about the technology and focus my considerable expertise and creative instincts on creating photos instead of reading about it."

More or less the same applies to programming! Please read the rest of the article.

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